Petro Canada Activate Card

Activate a Petro Canada Credit Card

Petro-Canada is “Canada’s Gas Station,” and as such, they’ve decided to offer a rewards credit card to their millions of happy customers. The Petro-Points MasterCard (issued by CIBC) is fully-loaded with features, from savings on gas to PayPass payment integration to save time at the pump. Best of all, the competitive card offers good APRs with no annual fee!

If you’re holding a new Petro Canada credit card, you’ll need to activate it before use. We’ll show you how:

Activate Your Petro-Canada Credit Card Online

You will activate your new credit card through the CIBC system, as they’re the issuing bank for the card. CIBC manages all of their card accounts over the phone, so there’s currently no online activation option. Don’t fret! Easy activation is only a phone call away!

Activate a Petro-Canada Card Via Phone

Since the Petro-Canada MasterCard is a CIBC card, activation will entail calling the bank’s customer service/card services line. You can reach this service by calling 1 (800) 465-4653.

NOTE: Calling from outside of North America? You will be able to complete your activation by dialing the following alternate number: (514) 861-4653.

Phone activation is fast, and CIBC representatives will walk you through each step. Be sure to have your new card handy, and call from the number associated with your account to speed along the verification process.

Quick & Easy Activation Instructions

You must call the toll-free number (1-800-465-4653) to activate your card.

Petro-Canada CIBC Card Link (Information Only):

Follow this link to learn more about the Petro-Canada MasterCard directly from CIBC.

Need further assistance? Call CIBC Customer Service: 1 (800) 465-2422

Tips for New Credit Card Users:

  • To decrease the likelihood of identity theft, sign the back of your card before using it.
  • Be sure to read your cardholder agreement carefully.

Get the most out of your new card! Familiarize yourself with all of the card’s benefits and use them; sometimes perks like car rental insurance or roadside assistance are buried in the fine print of the cardholder agreement.

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