Diners Club Card Activation

Activate a Diner’s Card online

Diner’s Club International is a financial brand with a rich history. They’re known for creating and distributing the world’s first charge card, and now stand apart as one of the most exclusive charge card providers around.

Diner’s Club credit cards provide an excellent financial tool, as well as universal acceptance, premier perks, and amazing benefits geared toward international businesses, professionals, and those who want to travel the world.

If you’re a new Diner’s Club cardholder, you’ll need to activate the card before using it. We’ve detailed the steps below:

Activate Your Diner’s Club Card Online

Currently, there’s no option for activating a Diner’s card online. You will be able to activate your card using the simple phone instructions below:

Activating Your Diner’s Club Card by Phone

You will need to complete activation over the phone by calling 1-800-2DINERS. We recommend calling from the number associated with the account to assist with ID verification.

Quick & Easy Activation Instructions

Simply call: 1-800-2DINERS (1-800-234-6377) to complete activation. The process is fast and easy! Be sure to have your new card at hand, as you will be asked for information as well as verification of your identity.

MBNA Customer Service & Card Activation Assistance: 1-888-876-6262

Tips for New Credit Card Users:

  • To decrease the likelihood of identity theft, sign the back of your card before using it.
  • Be sure to read your cardholder agreement carefully.

Get the most out of your new card! Familiarize yourself with all of the card’s benefits and use them; sometimes perks like car rental insurance or roadside assistance are buried in the fine print of the cardholder agreement.